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Student discipline: What constitutes cheating in the post-COVID era?

Harris Rosen Professional Corporation is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor at the national Languages Canada Conference in February 2023, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Harris Rosen is also delighted to be a speaker at the Conference on the Importance and Regulation of the Language School Sector in Canada! Details here:

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Harris Rosen was honoured to have been a speaker at the Canada-India Foundation International Women’s Day Forum on March 4th, on the topic of human rights, post-COVID consumer demands on organizations, and male allyship:


Harris Rosen Professional Corporation representing registered private career colleges and non-registrant purchasers on several proposed acquisitions.

Harris Rosen Professional Corporation successfully acted as regulatory counsel to a large Canadian law firm and a Tier One private equity group to close one of Canada’s largest higher education transactions.

Harris Rosen Professional Corporation successfully represented a student against a top university which accused the student of academic misconduct in a foundation program. After providing the University with a plausible explanation for likeness in student responses, the student’s original grade was restored.

MAY 2020

Hosted and moderated some six Virtual Town Halls for Career Path Intelligence™, a web-based social innovation platform dedicated to careers, and which he co-founded. CPI’s inaugural speaker was esteemed research scientist, Dr. Eleanor Fish, ph.D. Dr. Fish spoke passionately about the labour market demand for students in the sciences, and the “war” against COVID19. Since then, Harris has hosted many great webinars on topics ranging from a mask initiative that saved lives and created jobs in Johannesburg, to the 40+ and 50+ demand for reskilling and retraining in Canada, California and around the world.

APRIL 2020

Presented at Virtual Town Hall to Independent Private Schools Forum (association of private high schools in Ontario, Canada) on Non-Disparagement Policies.


Counsel to Investor Groups and large law firms: as of the first day of 4Q in 2019, Harris has been engaged as regulatory counsel to Tier One investors, to transaction counsel in large law firms, and to private institutions, on transactions cumulatively exceeding $500,000,000. In 3Q of 2019 Harris was regulatory counsel to the vendor on a multi-province purchase and sale worth more than $100,000,000, and which transaction successfully received regulatory approvals, and which closed.

APRIL 2019

University of Toronto Re: New Magazine: The 2018/2019 edition of the University of Toronto’s Re: New Magazine featured a story on Harris Rosen and his family’s narrow escape and survival of the Tubbs wildfire in Northern California on October 8, 2017 ( The story follows the Q4 2018 release of his book on the subject (Red Skies After Midnight: Escaping the Wine Country Wildfires) co-authored with his wife, animal welfare lawyer Jennifer Friedman: 100% of modest proceeds were proudly donated to Habitat for Humanity (Sonoma County) following the first month of the book’s release. Rosen and his wife expect to release future versions of the publication in the hope that they may assist wildfire victims in some small way.


Epic Times Quote: Harris Rosen is pleased to have been quoted in the August 1, 2018 edition of the Epic Times regarding the newly elected Ontario government’s scrapping of the Wynne government’s Sex-Ed curriculum: .


Re-Training and Re-Skilling Aging Workforce:  Harris was co-founder of Forty Plus Training Summit, which on December 7, 2017 hosted an inaugural conference at the historic Heintzman House in Thornhill, Ontario. Canada’s former Prime Minister, Right Honourable John N. Turner was the keynote speaker. There was broad representation at the event which included representation from the higher education sector, notable business school professors, and many others.

APRIL 2017

Redefining Skills Training for an Aging Demographic: Higher Education Policy and Vocational Guidance highlighted the need for a shift in the way we think of what skills will be relevant for tomorrow’s job market. In this article, Harris Rosen pays particular attention to the fact that Canada’s workforce is ageing rapidly and to the obsolescence of the notion of “retirement”.

FEBRUARY 23, 2017

Post-Secondary Anti-Bullying Measures: Harris Rosen’s article “Pink Shirt Day: The War on Bullying” published in Mondaq on February 23, 2107 addresses how technology can help us all address bullying. It also introduces and supports the idea that “bullying” is objectionable conduct outside of the elementary school stream: should more formal bullying policies be implemented in the post-secondary stream?

September 2017 book launch
Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 Annotated

Harris Rosen’s publications are numerous. He publishes frequently on topics ranging from private post-secondary education to the future labour market demand and the problem of an aging workforce, to the evolving doctrine of bullying and bullying in the high school and post-secondary context.

More recently, Harris has begun publishing about the proliferation of plant-based lifestyles and veganism.

Aside from print media, Harris will continue to run webinars and podcasts on socially important topics.

His most recent substantive publication, the Annotated Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and Regulations, Second Edition (, was released in August of 2017, by Carswell Legal Publishers, with a Foreword by the Right Honourable John N. Turner (former Prime Minister of Canada).

The second edition of the complete guide to the regulation and operation of private career colleges in Ontario contains key updates to address the explosion of the online education industry, an increased interest from foreign investors, the challenges of dealing with government regulators, sexual violence, bullying, and more.

Harris will be coming out with an updated publication shortly, which will address the impact on COVID19, Distance Education, and the investment climate in Canada from a regulatory perspective (not financial advice).