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Harris established Harris Rosen Professional Corporation on May 1, 2018, so that he could give his well-established client base more nimble and personalized attention, not to mention flexible fee options. He also remains Education Law Counsel to a large Canadian law firm where he has been practising law since 2007, and following his departure from the firm's Capital Partnership in August of 2017. He was admitted to practice law in Ontario in 1994.  Since then, he has headed up a regulatory department in a public company, engaged in private practice, and raised venture capital in his own business. Harris has had considerable experience in administrative law, regulatory, and corporate matters.  His clients have included large Fortune 100 Companies, as well as a diverse number of small and medium-sized businesses.

Since his return to private practice in 2002, he has acted almost exclusively for private post secondary institutions, including private career colleges, private career training institutions,  language (ESL) schools, corporate training institutions, and private degree granting institutions.  More recently, Harris has been retained by a significant number of organizations who wish to seek exempt status and avoid being subject to the rules and regulations governing registered private post secondary institutions. Harris also acts as counsel to a growing number of private high schools, and for both institutions and Applicants in Human Rights accommodation, and sexual violence related cases. 

Harris represents private colleges across the country, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance and government accountability.  He routinely advises colleges on IP matters, labour and employment matters, and education-specific litigation.  He also represents private career colleges in relation to the purchase and sale of registrant schools, and on student discipline issues. He routinely drafts student enrolment contracts to comply with the enabling legislation.  

In 2012, Harris was involved in the creation of the Lucia Colavita Foundation, a Charitable Trust in memory of Lucy Colavita, with a mission to promote research and development of the surgical knife, and provision of educational programs for disadvantaged students.

Harris successfully argued two cases which tested the new provisions of the PCCA, 2005. He prevailed in the Ontario Fire Academy case on both substantive and procedural grounds, a seven day Hearing against the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges in 2011.  He also successfully argued the Business Skills Inc. case in 2010, and has been successful on a significant number of Freedom of Information requests relating to access to information by private career college requesters. Most significantly, Harris has settled many more discipline files involving private career colleges at the pre-hearing stage and informally with the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, and without resort to litigation. The overwhelming majority of PCCA, 2005 cases are negotiated. 

Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 Annotated


Harris Rosen’s publications are numerous. He publishes frequently on topics ranging from private post-secondary education to the future labour market demand and the problem of an aging workforce, to the evolving doctrine of bullying and bullying in the high school and post-secondary context.

His most recent substantive publication, the Annotated Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 and Regulations, Second Edition (http://store.thomsonreuters.ca/product-detail/annotated-private-career-colleges-act-2005-and-regulations-second-edition/), was released in August of 2017, by Carswell Legal Publishers, with a Foreword by the Right Honourable John N. Turner (former Prime Minister of Canada) and an Epilogue written by Mark Adler (former Member of Parliament under the Progressive Conservative Party).

The second edition of the complete guide to the regulation and operation of private career colleges in Ontario contains key updates to address the explosion of the online education industry, an increased interest from foreign investors, the challenges of dealing with government regulators which are being experienced in other provinces, sexual violence, bullying and more. Practice area experts Harris Rosen and Alan Wolfish Q.C., guide the reader through pivotal issues such as how to remain exempt from the Act, how to negotiate financial security (which all registrant institutions must post against the threat of closure in accordance with their risk profile) and how to avoid advertising practices which could attract monetary penalties. This text fulfils the need for informed guidance on relevant regulation and enforcement issues found in the legislation whether you are an administrator, investor, student or a lawyer representing any of these groups. This key work follows through all aspects of the legislation from start to finish with the chapters corresponding to each part in the Act.

September 2017 book launch

September 2017 book launch




There will be a feature story on Harris Rosen in the upcoming edition of a scholarly magazine, regarding his family's narrow escape and survival of the Tubbs wildfire in Northern California on October 8, 2017. The story follows the Q4 2018 release of his book on the subject (Red Skies After Midnight: Escaping the Wine Country Wildfires) co-authored with his wife, animal welfare lawyer Jennifer Friedman: https://www.facebook.com/FirestormNovel/. 100% of net proceeds were proudly donated to Habitat for Humanity (Sonoma County) following the first month of the book's release.  Rosen and his wife expect to release future versions of the publication. 

Following the release of his publication for Carswell Legal Publishers in 2017, Harris will release an update highlighting the recent amendments to the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005


Harris Rosen is pleased to have been quoted in the August 1, 2018 edition of the Epic Times regarding the newly elected Ontario government's scrapping of the Wynne government's Sex-Ed curriculum: https://www.theepochtimes.com/fords-scrapping-of-2015-sex-ed-curriculum-a-result-of-concerns-by-parents_2608664.html .


While Harris Rosen has been quoted in numerous legal and non-legal publications, his latest focus has been on re-training and re-skilling an aging workforce. It is a serious problem for Canada. He is a co-founder of www.fortyplustraining.com , which on December 7, 2017 hosted an inaugural conference at the historic Heintzman House in Thornhill, Ontario. The Right Honourable John N. Turner was the keynote speaker but there was broad representation at the event which included representation from the higher education sector, notable business school professors, and many others. While these conferences are not affiliated with Harris Rosen Professional Corporation (which is dedicated exclusively to the practice of law, and with a focus on higher education), they are of vital importance and relevance to Canada and illustrative of the passion which Harris Rosen brings to his legal work.


APRIL 2017  

Redefining Skills Training for an Ageing Demographic: Higher Education Policy and Vocational Guidance highlighted the need for a shift in the way we think of what skills will be relevant for tomorrow's job market. In this article, Harris Rosen pays particular attention to the fact that Canada's workforce is ageing rapidly and to the obsolescence of the notion of "retirement".


FEBRUARY 23, 2017

Harris Rosen's article "Pink Shirt Day: The War on Bullying" published in Mondaq on February 23, 2107 addresses how technology can help us all address bullying. It also introduces supports the idea that "bullying" is objectionable conduct outside of the elementary school stream: should more formal bullying policies be implemented in the post-secondary stream? 


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